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How To make Pole Trees – The Simple ‘Mega Tree’

Pole Trees are really simple to make and create a great effect in your Christmas light display

An Avenue Of Pole Trees – Festive

All you need are 16 small tent stakes, and a piece of 25mm or 40mm PVC and several strings of M5 or 5mm Super Bright lights.


For each pole tree you wish to construct, purchase a 25mm or 40mm piece of PVC as long as you want your tree high. Probably the best range is 1.8 metres to 2.75 metres. You could go as high as 3 metres, but the centre pole may bend a little.

Also purchase 16 tent pegs. These don’t need to be nearly as large as the mega tree ones. Plastic and 15 to 20 cm long should do just fine.

5mm Super Bright Red Lights

Construction is very simple: At one end of the pipe that forms the centre pole, cut 4 notches out of the pipe using a saw. You want a ‘Castle Turret’ look at the top. The notches need only be an inch or so deep, and should be at 90 degree angles from each other (i.e. directly across from each other). Make sure that they are smooth so that jagged edges do not cut the insulation on your light strings.

When you are done, paint the PVC green with spray paint. That’s it!


1 – Drive a piece of reinforcing rod, pipe, or a star picket (if you are using wider diameter PVC pipe) into the ground where you want your tree.

2 – Tie a string to this center post, measure out the radius, tie on a measuring device (tape measure, stick cut to correct length, whatever) and space out the tent stakes.

3 – Slide the 25mm or 40mm PVC over the reo or start picket. Place your ladder next to the center and use it to steady the center pole during setup. You could use a small bungee cord, and hook it around the ladder and pole to hold it upright. In the end, the pole will stand upright on its own.

4 – Starting with any tent peg put a bulb on the light string under the hook and carefully hammer it in. Run the lights from there to the top of the pole, into a notch and back down to the tent peg directly opposite of the one you started at. Count the tent pegs if you have to! Beware that this is different than stringing a mega tree. Be sure to keep the lights tight enough that they don’t sag, but not so tight that they bend the pole. Try to keep the pole straight.

5 – Moving counter clockwise run the set on the ground to the next tent peg, secure the lights by hammering the tent peg in and then go up to the top of the pole and back down again to the tent peg directly opposite of the one you just left and secure in the same fashion.

6 – Continue this back and forth, up and down, actions until you finish the tree.

When you run out of lights, simply connect another string to the first one and continue as before. Naturally if you want to use different channels for a computer controlled tree, you simple start with a new string of lights that is a different colour.

Depending on how high and wide your tree is, you may need up to 7 or 8 sets.



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